The Casa Bethesda Home for Disabled Children

“Only God knows how and when,” is a truism indelibly etched in my mind. I learned it from Pastor Paulino Esquivel, the founder of the Casa Bethesda Home for Disabled Children and a man who truly lives by faith, one day at a time…

Located just miles across the international border on the outskirts of Piedras Negras is a home for a very special family.


In 1995 Pastor Paulino and his wife Gilberta had been leading a congregation for nearly 25 years when they received a very specific call from God to open a refuge for disabled, abandoned and orphaned children.


After a long time of praying and seeking God’s will, Pastor Paulino stepped down from his pastorate to open the home. Twenty-two years have passed since that call. Casa Bethesda is now home to approximately 30 disabled children & adults raging in ages from 14 to 50. Most were abandoned by their own families, leaving no trace behind or any support whatsoever. Many arrived as young children and have been there ever since.

Some of the residents can move about and play freely while many cannot. In one area of the house are six incapacitated young women with cerebral palsy and Rhett’s syndrome. They cannot walk, talk or feed themselves. There are other children with Down syndrome, severe epilepsy, deaf mute, and bipolar disorder. All the residents require special care and are attended to 24/7, 365 days a year by Paulino & Gilberta, and a few modestly paid assistants.

The government offers nothing to subsidize the Bethesda home, nor do utility companies offer any discounts. Yet several residents were officially delivered by authorities into Pastor Paulino’s care and custody.

Pastor Paulino has never tried to seek help because he was given a promise from God that He alone would provide the resources to support them, while Paulino & Gilberta's responsibility would be caring for the residents in their greatest areas of need: food, cleanliness and medical care. Indeed, God has sustained Casa Bethesda for more than two decades. They depend completely on Him to maintain this residence of peace and security, where most of the residents will likely spend the rest of their lives.


Meeting the operational expenses is always a challenge, and there are ongoing maintenance needs and the special projects necessary to improve the quality of life for the residents. But it’s obvious the Bethesda Home has a great benefactor: God Himself. The same God that gave Pastor Paulino & Gilberta this mission, the same God that has provided resources and people to help them move forward with this great project.

We invite you to pray for and bless this ministry. Consider how you, your church or organization can help support this work that beats in the very heart of God and is sustained by the compassion of Jesus Christ.