Our First Project:

The Alvarez-Rivera Family House

This was the first project that really brought Jeff & Veronica together as a team in 2012. The Alvarez-Rivera family are Christ-followers and are involved together in a local church.


This house construction project was funded entirely by St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Dunwoody, Georgia. St. Luke’s had been sending mission teams to Piedras Negras for many years but had slowed down because of the reports of increasing violence on the border. However, they had raised funds to build for this family, and after several conversations with their missions board, the church asked the Harvey’s to manage the project.


The ministry project was completed with local labor exclusively. Three local masons/carpenters were hired, and thus their families were provided for throughout the project. The Alvarez family also helped daily, which gave them even more vested interest in their new home. All materials were purchased locally which allowed the community to benefit further.

Although no electric or plumbing work was done, the family received the blessing of a much more secure dwelling which improved the quality of their lives considerably. The whole project was completed in just under 5 weeks for approximately $14,000 which included the salaries for the 3 workers. To God be the glory!!