Dear Friends,

We pray you and your family have remained safe and healthy in the midst of these difficult times. 2020 was such an unimaginable year, but it led us to grow in our faith, and to exercise love and compassion for others even more than before.

We are first grateful to God for his infinite provision and mercy for this ministry; We also thank Him for your lives, for the support that you provided to help us continue the work that Jesus Christ has directed us to do:

“For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.” Matthew 25:35-36 (NLT)

We want to share a little with you about what we've managed to accomplish and our plans for 2021.


At the outset of the pandemic in March, our work began to supply weekly food and hygiene packages to the families of our church and neighbors of the community via drive thru distributions, which continue to this day. Our home church, St. Matthew’s United Methodist, where Veronica is Associate Pastor of Hispanic Ministries, has provided the facilities and resources for our team to distribute packages to approximately 30 local families per week. This has given us opportunity to meet and engage new families, thus sharing God’s love and the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, we continue to receive donations of clothing, furniture, and appliances that we also distribute to needy families, both locally and in Mexico.


Thanks to our generous donors, our COVID-19 Relief Fund campaign launched in April has generated nearly $8,000 to date. 100% of these donations have been used for food, medicine, and utility bills for approximately 20 families and an addiction rehabilitation center in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

Pastor José Archila, one of our coordinators, continues to help us, buying and delivering food directly to the families. Some of them are pastoral families, since due to the pandemic there are no funds in the local churches to support them. (We've posted a brief video on our MEDIA page, highlighting the distributions.) 

We have also donated to a church on the other side of the world in Kenya, Africa where heavy flooding has destroyed crops and further contaminated local water, resulting in increased famine and disease.


A most important goal for us in 2021 is the drilling of a clean water well for the Victory of Grace Church community in Mumias, Kenya. We have maintained a close relationship with Pastors Martin and Patricia Indakwa for several years, supporting them with resources to organize medical treatment camps, construction of a parsonage and repairs to the church building, tuition and materials for school children, etc. Due to severe flooding in 2020, Mumias has experienced a much higher than normal rate of dysentery, malaria, and typhoid. There have been numerous deaths, especially among children, and compounding the problem further is the significant increase in COVID-19 cases.

The community must collect water from polluted streams and boil it before use. It goes without saying that the need for clean water in Mumias is urgent. The cost to drill and install a well is $ 15,000. Once the well is installed, it will bless approximately 60 families in the community around the church.


The King of Kings (Rey de Reyes) Refuge & Ministry Center is for displaced families, orphans, and immigrants, where more and more are arriving every day... For this reason, earlier this month on January 4th, construction began on the first phase to expand its facilities.

Pastor Rogelio Ruiz is our local coordinator and is managing the construction. With God’s help, we hope to see the completion of the first 550 square foot dormitory with kitchenette and bathroom in the next several weeks.
The total cost of this first of several dormitories is approximately $5000.00. We have already received half, and we believe God will supply the rest. The long-term goal of the refuge is to become a ministry that welcomes and offers help year-round to families in great need; and most importantly to share the gift of salvation that is in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are grateful that God has allowed us to continue serving, and that He has used you to help us with the tasks He has called us to do. We very much appreciate your heart for Jesus and his people.

We invite you to pray for these specific projects, as well for us as we continue serving others. And know that you are in our prayers, that God continues to protect you, while keeping you faithful and hopeful… because the Lord is good, and His mercy is forever... Amen!

In His love and service,

Jeff & Veronica