• Jeff Harvey

Day Trip to the Black Stone City

5/6/17: A passenger van loaded with donated clothing, food items, household/ministry supplies, and a dozen big-hearted Christian brothers & sisters headed south to the Black Stone City – Piedras Negras – early Saturday morning May 6th. For the majority of the group, it was their first time visiting the border city. Among those on board were members of St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church whom attended the Puentes “Concert for Mexico” event a couple weeks prior.

We had the opportunity to introduce some lovely folks from San Antonio to the equally lovely families & ministries we serve in Piedras Negras. “It was a real eye opener,” commented Carolyn Twyford. Her husband Bill was also moved. “The pictures and videos are engaging, but it just doesn’t compare to coming here in person, meeting the people and seeing the needs first hand.”

We took the group to meet the Ramirez family to see their newly constructed house, to the Casa Bethesda Home for Disabled Children, to the Salas family (who had homemade cookies and tamales waiting for us), and finally to the mission of Pastor Luis Torres who serves immigrants detained at the border.

The group got to share in the joy we always experience when visiting and serving our friends and ministries, and were privileged to partake in the distribution of our collected resources with them… With God’s help, there will be many more trips like this!

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