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Pastor Paulino reveals new vision

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

5/22/17: On a recent visit to Casa Bethesda in Piedras Negras, Pastor Paulino Esquivel revealed that God has given him a new mission: prepare to double the capacity of the home for disabled children.

There are currently 28 residents in Casa Bethesda, a refuge for disabled, abandoned and orphaned children formed in 1995.

Casa Bethesda was the first home of its kind in the entire country of Mexico. Now there are 2 others, but they are very far from the border. “Mexico has a 6.5% disabled population. Not even 5% of those people receive any type of care,” the pastor told us. “If we have only 28 residents, think of how that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface.”

Casa Bethesda depends entirely on private donations to operate. The government and local utilities do not subsidize anything for the home, and meeting the operating expenses is always a huge challenge.

Piedras Negras is known for the hottest summers in all of Mexico with sweltering heat exceeding 100 degrees for weeks at a time. Keeping the bed-bound residents cool is essential and with the high cost of utility bills and no discounts, that aspect of operations alone is very difficult to manage. “We have been faced many times with having the electricity cut off within hours. We’ve arrived to the edge of the Red Sea more times than we can count, with no idea how we would get through. But God has delivered us, time after time,” continued the pastor.

In contrast to the summer, keeping the residents warm in the winter is even more difficult as electric heat is totally affordable, and gas heaters can never be left unattended. “Residents will throw off their blankets and caretakers have to be there through the night hours to ensure they are covered and don’t freeze.”

Still, even while facing often insurmountable challenges, God has spoken to Pastor Paulino yet again, as He has so clearly many times before. “I have had to turn down 12 disabled children & young adults in the past few months, simply because we don’t have the resources. Increasing our capacity to care for 60 residents will be a significant effort. I don’t know how He will do it, but I know He is able.”

Bridges of Compassion is committed to supporting Casa Bethesda as God permits.

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