• Jeff Harvey

Milk, like manna!

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Our friends the Salas Family are dedicated soldiers for Christ. They have frequent ministry activities for the neighborhood children, and they go out as a family to evangelize every week.

We received a truly generous donation from Children’s Hunger Fund: a palette and-a-half of Nestle Nido fortified powdered milk for kids. We’re talking hundreds of large canisters! It was a huge blessing, and it moved us into quick-mode to get it distributed as soon as possible.

We shared a portion with our church members and needy families in San Antonio, and then transported a large quantity to a pastor friend at the border in Eagle Pass who stored it. Meanwhile, Veronica contacted pastors in Piedras Negras who came across to pick up what we had separated for them.

The Salas family received many of the cases and immediately went into action, using the gift as an opportunity to share the gospel. See how these faces tell a story!!

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