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A long journey from Honduras to Texas

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Delmy, Angel & Ronal receiving the gift of a new IKEA table & chairs for their first apartment in the US!

We met Ronal & Delmy and their son Angel about two months ago, just a week after they arrived in San Antonio as asylum-seeking immigrants from Honduras. They had been invited to visit our Sunday church service. They had left Honduras approximately a year prior to make the journey to the U.S. in search of a more secure life.

Their journey was a difficult one. First, Ronal headed north to Piedras Negras to make way for the family’s move to the U.S. However, he was unable to cross, and then finances held Delmy back in Honduras. When Delmy started the journey with 4-year-old Angel, they didn’t get very far and were forced to stop in Chiapas, the southern state of Mexico that borders Guatemala. Delmy worked for two months washing dishes with Angel at her feet every day until they could save the money to travel to the northern border. Ronal found work in Piedras Negras and waited for them there.

The family was separated for nearly 8 months, but with much joy we can confirm that they both received Jesus into their hearts during that time apart, which gave them new shared faith and increased fortitude. Glory to God!

A chance communication on Facebook with an old friend from school opened the door for them to come to San Antonio. That friend, also Honduran and in the U.S. for 5 years, and a member of our Agua Viva congregation, offered to house the family in her family’s apartment until they could get on their feet. Having her address was enough for U.S. Customs to grant asylum to Ronal & Delmy.

While their story is a challenging one, it is typical of many families attempting to immigrate from Central America. Ronal & Delmy are a hard-working couple of good Christian character that will add positively to the fabric of our country.

A major component of our local mission work at Agua Viva is a commitment to assisting immigrant families get established as much as possible. Many arrive with merely a backpack or simply no possessions at all. We help by gathering basic needs like food & hygiene items, diapers, clothing, household items, furniture and appliances. We acquire the items through garage sales, thrift stores and donations.

We also help families to stay current with their immigration requirements, apply for housing, get their children enrolled in school, get necessary vaccinations, teach them how to manage bills, etc., as well as helping them to network with other immigrant families which often leads them to employment opportunities.

In addition to the private donations we receive, Children’s Hunger Fund has been a significant part our work for several years through their generous contributions of non-perishable food and various products that they offer to active ministries such as ours.

We have been richly blessed to serve in this capacity and to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of families like Ronal & Delmy.

(Pictured above: Delmy, Angel & Ronal receiving the gift of a new IKEA table & chairs for their first apartment in the US!)

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