The Ramirez Family

It was in those early days of our visits that we began to pray together for the family's specific needs, among which included much needed medical attention for their young son Armando and a new house. God began to answer many prayers for the family. Almost immediately and miraculously, Armando began to receive long overdue medical treatments for his cleft palette and other EN&T problems, and praise God, three years later our petition for a new house was answered.

After receiving a generous contribution to the house project from Southwest Exteriors in San Antonio, we enlisted the service of a pastor in Piedras Negras who is also an experienced general contractor. He employed men from his congregation for the labor, and the Ramirez family helped throughout the process.


The family was able to move into the new house in January 2017! It's nearly twice the size as the average government-built house and the cost was just slightly more.  Unlike all the other dwellings in the area, it has an American-style insulated, vented roof and modern windows. The family says their new house is "a light on the hill" and it has already been a testimony to God's provision, mercy and grace in their neighborhood.


We continue to help with furnishings and household items, and the home still needs tile flooring throughout and a retaining wall in the back yard... But God has been so very faithful and we trust He will continue to provide.

To God be the glory!

Ramirez Family - Old House
New House Near Completion!
Old Kitchen...
New Kitchen!
Old Entrance...
New Entrance!
Old Dining Room...
New Dining Room!
From hand-washing... to a machine!
Giving thanks to God...

We met Modesto & Esperaza Ramirez playing music in the streets of Piedras Negras shortly after the flood waters had subsided in 2013. We had seen them marching through the colonias of Piedras and her surrounding pueblos before. They have 6 children; 4 boys and 2 girls, whom at the time ranged from 8 to 21. Originally from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, they moved north to the border with Eagle Pass, Texas in 2002 in search of a better way of life.


Stopping to talk with them on the street one afternoon, we asked how they fared with the flooding rains. Learning they sustained heavy roof damage and lost much of their furnishings, we took their phone number and promised to call when God provided resources. Within a short time we had acquired a new mattress set and a healthy dispensary of groceries for them.


We’ll never forget our first venture to the outskirts of town to find their house. After introductions with the children, Veronica moved right into the heart of our visit and began to share the message of the gospel. The entire family invited Christ into their hearts that day and received the gift of salvation. That was the beginning our friendship with the Ramirez family.


They would accept our offer of discipleship classes, and we visited them once a week in their home for about a year. They began to attend church with us at San Pablo Methodist and continued to go after we moved to San Antonio. We’ve heard them testify many times to God’s goodness and marveled at how they began to recognize God’s hand upon their lives. They are learning to depend on and trust God, and are truly growing in their faith.